Fun & Games Cafe

Enjoy great food in our Fun & Games Café which features all of the best snack foods, including pizza and fried dough, along with seasonal items such as frozen hot chocolate!

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Food and Snacks
Hot Dog2.50
French Fries2.75
Chicken Tenders5.50
Chicken Wings5.75
Fried Mac & Cheese4.00
Nachos & Cheese3.50
Fried Dough3.00
Cheesy Bread Sticks4.50
Soft Pretzel2.75
Mozzarella Sticks4.75
Cotton Candy3.25
Fried Pickles3.00
Jumbo Dill Pickle1.25
Frozen Lemonade3.75
Sprittle Pop0.50
Ice Cream Sundae2.75
Ice Cream Float2.75
Ice Cream Cone2.25
Ice Cream Shake3.25
Soft DrinksSmallLargePitcher
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Root Beer, Orange, Fruit Punch, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Powerade, Raspberry Iced Tea
Small Icee3.75
Specialty Icee Cups5.00 - 6.00
Bottled Water2.75
Milk Shake3.25
Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate2.00
Coffee/Iced Tea2.50
Mini Cheese Pizza4.50Mini Pepperoni Pizza5.00
Large Cheese Pizza (14")14.00Large Pepperoni Pizza (14")15.00
Individual Combo Meals
Combo #18.50Combo #45.25
Chicken Wings, Fries and SodaMini Pizza and Soda
Combo #27.50Combo #55.50
Cheeseburger Fries, and SodaMozzarella Sticks and Soda
Combo #38.25Combo #65.25
Chicken Tenders, Fries and SodaHot Dog, Fries and Soda
Family Combo Meals
Family Pack #120.00
Large Pizza, Pitcher of Soda & 5 Mozzarella Sticks
Family Pack #220.00
Pitcher of Soda, 9 Chicken Tenders & 2 Orders of Fries
Appeteazer Pack15.00
3 Chicken Tenders, 3 Chicken Wings, 3 Mozzarella Sticks, an Order of Fries & a Large Soda
Chicken Tender Platter (15 pieces)25.00
French Fry Platter (32 oz)10.00
Mozzarella Stick Platter (20 pieces)16.00
Chicken Wings (20 pieces)20.00
Sampler Platter (12 pieces of each)49.00