5 Ways STEM Programs Benefit Kids

Education for kids should always remain interesting and fun, but that isn’t the case all the time. Most kids seem to lose an interest in STEM education. When it comes to science, technology, engineering, and math, it’s important to keep kids interested. After all, those kids will be building our future! Here at Fun America @ Roll On America, we’ve found an amazing way to keep kids interested in STEM. And it incorporates our favorite thing: roller-skating.

5 Benefits of STEM Education

  1. It teaches kids to be forward-thinking about technology.
  2. It teaches kids problem-solving skills.
  3. More and more, technology is an integral part of life that kids need to understand.
  4. Despite what some may think, STEM fields teach creativity and innovation.
  5. It gives kids confidence to make goals and take measurable steps to achieve them.

Fun America @ Roll On America offers various STEM lessons for all ages and a variety of curriculums. Choose your skating STEM lesson based on elementary, middle school, or high school curriculum, then find the lesson plan that most closely meets your current lessons. A STEM educational field trip shows students how science, technology, engineering and math integrate into their everyday lives, sometimes in ways they hadn’t considered before. A STEM field trip at includes:

  • 1 hour of S.T.E.M. education
  • 2 hours of roller skating physical fitness
  • Meal plan options

Ready for your students to get excited about learning again? To think creatively about analytical tasks and disciplines? To get engaged in their futures? Call Fun America @ Roll On America to book a STEM field trip today.


Wicked Fun For Everyone!

Literally your entire family can enjoy it.

I mean it… all of them! You might be thinking… “how on earth can my 2 year old roller skate?” OR “maybe they are forgetting that we take grandma on all our family outings.” OR maybe “what about our special needs child?” Yes we’ve thought of them too!
1- How little is too little to skate?
If your little one can walk, they can skate.
-We have skate trainers if they need extra help (basically a walker on wheels.)
-We have New EZ Roll skates, but we love to see the little ones conquer the real skates (they EZ Roll Rental Skateswill surprise you every time.)
-We also offer skating lessons every Saturday for all ages!

Super Skater 3
2- What will the baby do?
If your little one isn’t walking, they can have fun too!

– Bring them to our Tiny Tots and Little Tyke Skate & Play time while the older ones are in school!tiny-tykes-and-toddlers-2017
3- What about Grandma?
-As for Grandma, she’s welcome on the skate floor in her shoes to help her grandchildren.Zone Laser
-OR take that wheel chair right out on the skate floor!
-Or for a more hands off experience, we have FREE WIFI and a full snack bar area! (Yes, there is coffee)

4- We can meet your special needs Bounce House
-Some parents are shocked to find out that their child actually ends up loving the skate floor, even if they can barley move! Don’t let your mind restrict what your child can do, let them try it! Our skate trainers might help. If skating is out of the question, there are other options!
– Wheel chairs are always welcome on the skate floor!
– We offeRoller Racerr a bounce house (for children 6 & under), roller racers, scooters and games on socks!
– We have a full arcade on our sideline with over 25 games to choose from!

-Don’t forget to check out The Zone Laser Tag. No controllers or computers…you are the game!
The lights, smells and sounds of Fun America @ Roll On America have been known to send the mind on a wonderful journey!

Fun America @ Roll On America, Wicked Fun for Everyone!

December Vacation Fun

Are you excited for the Holidays? Come celebrate with us!


Down to the wire and need to get your last minute shopping in? Drop your kids off for some fun while you go shop! (Kids must be at least 8 years old to drop off)

Saturday December 24th is our annual “Roller Express” Drop & Shop Day. 10:00am to 4:00pm for only $7.00 per person which includes a FREE lunch, a FREE game of laser tag, a visit from Santa and “The Polar Express” movie played on our big screen from 11:45am-1:30pm.

Merry Christmas – We are open!

6:30pm-9:30pm on December 25th. Our gift to you is a FREE game of laser tag!

To view all of our December Vacation Events – CLICK HERE

Bring Your Cameras and Your Kids!!

So much fun going on here this December Vacation including visits from different characters such as Kylo Ren from STAR WARS, Pikachu and his Pokemon friends, Elsa and Olaf from FROZEN and superhero’s Spiderman and Captain America!


Need plans for New Years Eve?

We have the perfect event for the little ones who will not make it until midnight! Attend our NOON Years Eve Party. A GIANT balloon drop filled with prizes will take place at 4:00pm to celebrate the New Year!
We also have the perfect event in the evening for your older ones and adults! Feel free to drop them off!



We have something for everyone the last weekend in October!

Join us for a fun day of safe trick or treating! Make sure to wear your Halloween Costume for discounted admission and a chance to win a prize! Don’t miss out on the fun! Halloween themed games and cafe items! Try an ICEE in a souvenir Skull Cup and check out our GLOW IN THE DARK Skeleton Gloves! OOOoooo Spookyyy!


Don’t celebrate Halloween? We have the perfect event for you and your family! Join us for our Christian Music Skate on October 31st. Pizza pig-out, fun, and exercise all for a great deal!! Call today to reserve a spot for your Church or youth group!!


Upcoming Fall Events at Fun America

Start to move your fun time activities to inside! Fun America has it all.



Have work but the kids have a day off?? Send them to Fall Kids Camp!

Fall Kids Camp is available select dates when the kids have a day off from school such as Columbus Day, Election Day, Veterans Day and more! Call us today to register!



Free Skating for School Supplies: Help others while having some free fun! Donate new school supplies or a new backpack in the month of September and get free admission!


Tiny Tots Play TimeHome School Skate Thursday’s: Need to satisfy your toddler or your home schooler’s physical education requirements? We offer a Tiny Tots Play Time and a Home School Skate the 1st and 3rd  Thursday of the month.Tiny Tykes And Toddlers 2016 FallHome School Skating 2016-2017 FINAL









STEM Skating Parties: Have an educational school field trip at Fun America!