2019 Summer Kids Club

Fun America has the best way to keep your kids occupied while you are working this summer – our drop off Kids Club program! Your kids will be able to skate, play laser tag, do crafts, play other sports and games, play in the arcade and even get some outside time along with much more! The program runs for 6 different weeks during the summer and for your convenience starts and ends a week before and after most other programs:

  • June 17th-21st
  • June 24th-28th
  • July 8th-12th
  • July 22nd-26th
  • August 5th-9th
  • August 19th-23rd

Drop off is any time after 8:00am and standard pick up is anytime before 5:00pm. There is also an extended day option until 6:00pm. Choose to bring the kiddos individual days or for a full week. Registration is not required, just sign them in and out with one of our counselors.

Your kids will have an amazing time and make new friends!

Here’s what one mom had to say about our program:

“The staff there is amazing, and Jamie is just like a second mom to all the kids there. Watching out for my son made me feel awesome. Everyone knew my son by name, and he had a blast. Plus, he got tons of exercise!

Lisa Thibaudeau, one very happy Mom!”


  1. Kayli Olinde says

    I have questions about the Summer Drop off Program. It seems there is not a registration form? Are there any available spots left for the week of August 19th-23rd?

    I would like to sign both of my children up for that week


    • Hi Kayli! Thank you for your interest in our Kids Club Program! There is a contact form and waiver that need to be filled out when your kids come for the first time. I will email it to you in case you have a printer. If you don’t, you can fill them out the first day you drop them off. Because of the type of program it is, no formal registration or payment is needed in advance. Hope to see you and the kiddos soon!

  2. Jessica Cappucci says

    Hello, Could a waiver form be emailed to me as well? Hoping to do a few drop in days 🙂

    • Hi Jessica! Thank you for your interest in our Kids Club Program! I have emailed the forms as requested. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Audrey Jemlich says

    I have a question.. During summer camp for the kiddos is it open to the public as well? How are the kids kept separate from the open public skaters and safe from leaving with someone they are not supposed to?

    • Hi Audrey! Some of the time it is just the Kids Club kids and other times we have other groups or are open to the public. We have counselors that do activities with the kids and oversee the group. All Kids Club members are required to wear a bright blue lanyard and name tag. This helps all of our staff identify them easily during open times. All staff is trained to watch the exits to make sure no one is exiting out any doors except the main doors. These doors are right up front and the staff in that area keeps an eye on those, and makes sure all the Kids Club members are signed out by an authorized individual listed on their info sheet. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!

  4. Can you please email me the forms for summer drop off please

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