Planning a School Field Trip

Entertainment Centers tend to be a great place for a field trip in the eyes of a child, however from a teacher and parent’s perspectives planning a field trip involves a lot more than just picking a fun place!

Students reverse engineer a roller skate.

Many school districts have guidelines that require an educational component during a field trip. Finding a place that will not only be fun, but will satisfy this requirement is sometimes challenging. Many places offer an “educational” field trip, but you want to make sure it aligns with what you are teaching at the time of the trip. Field trips are a great opportunity for students to see how the material they are learning in the classroom is actually applied in the real world.

Obviously another important aspect when planning a field trip is safety. This is probably the biggest concern for teachers and for parents when signing the permission slips. Is the destination open to the public during the field trip? If so, how are your students separated from the general public? Is it easy to oversee your students in the space? If the set up of the destination isn’t ideal, you may need to consider a higher chaperone to student ratio.

Students enjoy skating after the STEM activities.

Are the students going to enjoy the trip?! We all know how bored children act. You want to make sure the field trip covers the educational aspect but also is a fun time for your students. Having the right balance of fun and learning not only makes the students more apt to retain what they have learned on the trip but also cuts down on behavior issues that occur when students become bored.

Having hangry kids is never a good thing! When choosing a location you’ll want to consider the food and beverage offerings. Is there easy access to drinking water? Are lunches allowed to be brought in? Are affordable lunch options available? And what about students with food allergies – is there a plan in place for them?

Price points can also be a huge obstacle. Many schools have an assortment of income level families. You don’t want to exclude any students due to the cost of the trip. Some venues offer different packages to choose from, while others have just a set fee. Some places have price breaks based on the number of students attending as well. And if that’s the case, consider bringing another class or grade with you in order to hit the next bracket.

Planning a successful field trip can be a lot of work but can come with great reward! When students are able to learn something and come away stating “that was the best trip ever!” you know you chose well!

For more information on our STEM/STEAM field trips click here. We also offer non-educational field trips that are an excellent mix of fun and physical activity! Many schools use this option for end of year parties or as a reward for students.

2019 Summer Kids Club

Fun America has the best way to keep your kids occupied while you are working this summer – our drop off Kids Club program! Your kids will be able to skate, play laser tag, do crafts, play other sports and games, play in the arcade and even get some outside time along with much more! The program runs for 6 different weeks during the summer and for your convenience starts and ends a week before and after most other programs:

  • June 17th-21st
  • June 24th-28th
  • July 8th-12th
  • July 22nd-26th
  • August 5th-9th
  • August 19th-23rd

Drop off is any time after 8:00am and standard pick up is anytime before 5:00pm. There is also an extended day option until 6:00pm. Choose to bring the kiddos individual days or for a full week. Registration is not required, just sign them in and out with one of our counselors.

Your kids will have an amazing time and make new friends!

Here’s what one mom had to say about our program:

“The staff there is amazing, and Jamie is just like a second mom to all the kids there. Watching out for my son made me feel awesome. Everyone knew my son by name, and he had a blast. Plus, he got tons of exercise!

Lisa Thibaudeau, one very happy Mom!”

Why Should You Choose Skating For a Family Activity?

Literally your entire family can enjoy it!
I mean it… all of them! You might be thinking… “how on earth can my 2 year old roller skate?” OR “maybe they are forgetting that we take grandma on all our family outings.” OR maybe “what about our special needs child?”

1) At what age can my kids skate?
If your little one can walk, they can skate!
-We have skate trainers that can be rented if they need extra help (basically a walker on wheels.)
-We have 3 different types of toddler skates.
-We offer skating classes on Saturday mornings for all ages.
-Adults can walk on the skating floor with their child to help them if needed.
-We even have a bounce house included with the admission fee in case they get tired of skating.

2) What about Grandma?
-As for Grandma, she’s welcome on the skate floor in her shoes to help her grandchildren.
-She can take that wheel chair right out on the skate floor!
-Or for a more hands off experience, we have FREE WIFI and a cafe! (Yes, there is coffee.) And we have seating in both the cafe area and around the skating floor.

3) We can meet your special needs.
-Some parents are shocked to find out that their child actually ends up loving the skate floor, even if they can barely move! Don’t let your mind restrict what your child can do, let them try it!
-Our skate trainers might help, or a parent walking beside them or a class or two! If skating is out of the question, there are other options!
-Wheel chairs are always welcome on the skate floor!
-We rent razor scooters for kids that don’t want to or can’t get the hang of skating.

4) There’s so much to do.
-We have a full arcade.
-We have laser tag.
-We have a bounce house for children 6 and under.
-We have a full snack bar with pizza, chicken tenders and wings, fried dough, ice cream and more!

Bring the entire family and make memories that will last a lifetime!