2019 Summer Kids Club

Fun America has the best way to keep your kids occupied while you are working this summer – our drop off Kids Club program! Your kids will be able to skate, play laser tag, do crafts, play other sports and games, play in the arcade and even get some outside time along with much more! The program runs for 6 different weeks during the summer and for your convenience starts and ends a week before and after most other programs:

  • June 17th-21st
  • June 24th-28th
  • July 8th-12th
  • July 22nd-26th
  • August 5th-9th
  • August 19th-23rd

Drop off is any time after 8:00am and standard pick up is anytime before 5:00pm. There is also an extended day option until 6:00pm. Choose to bring the kiddos individual days or for a full week. Registration is not required, just sign them in and out with one of our counselors.

Your kids will have an amazing time and make new friends!

Here’s what one mom had to say about our program:

“The staff there is amazing, and Jamie is just like a second mom to all the kids there. Watching out for my son made me feel awesome. Everyone knew my son by name, and he had a blast. Plus, he got tons of exercise!

Lisa Thibaudeau, one very happy Mom!”

Why Should You Choose Skating For a Family Activity?

Literally your entire family can enjoy it!
I mean it… all of them! You might be thinking… “how on earth can my 2 year old roller skate?” OR “maybe they are forgetting that we take grandma on all our family outings.” OR maybe “what about our special needs child?”

1) At what age can my kids skate?
If your little one can walk, they can skate!
-We have skate trainers that can be rented if they need extra help (basically a walker on wheels.)
-We have 3 different types of toddler skates.
-We offer skating classes on Saturday mornings for all ages.
-Adults can walk on the skating floor with their child to help them if needed.
-We even have a bounce house included with the admission fee in case they get tired of skating.

2) What about Grandma?
-As for Grandma, she’s welcome on the skate floor in her shoes to help her grandchildren.
-She can take that wheel chair right out on the skate floor!
-Or for a more hands off experience, we have FREE WIFI and a cafe! (Yes, there is coffee.) And we have seating in both the cafe area and around the skating floor.

3) We can meet your special needs.
-Some parents are shocked to find out that their child actually ends up loving the skate floor, even if they can barely move! Don’t let your mind restrict what your child can do, let them try it!
-Our skate trainers might help, or a parent walking beside them or a class or two! If skating is out of the question, there are other options!
-Wheel chairs are always welcome on the skate floor!
-We rent razor scooters for kids that don’t want to or can’t get the hang of skating.

4) There’s so much to do.
-We have a full arcade.
-We have laser tag.
-We have a bounce house for children 6 and under.
-We have a full snack bar with pizza, chicken tenders and wings, fried dough, ice cream and more!

Bring the entire family and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Summer Camp at Fun America!

Summer is almost here, and that means summer camp at Fun America in Lancaster, MA is right around the corner! Spots are filling fast, so hurry and register now. Studies show that kids need more exercise than many of them get. It’s easy to let summer vacation turn into an endless marathon of video games and cartoons. Kids who come to summer camp at Fun America will have so much fun they won’t even realize they’re getting plenty of exercise!

There are 5 weeks of camp: June 25th-29th, July 9th-13th, and July 23rd-27th, August 6th-10th and August 20th-24th from 8:00am to 5:00pm each day. Extended stay is available till 6:00pm for an additional cost.

Campers at Fun America summer camps will enjoy roller skating, scooters, laser tag, bouncy house (for campers 6 & under), arcade, crafts and other fun activities and games every day while in a safe, clean, supervised environment. Camp cost includes all of this plus two snacks per day. Campers may bring lunch or purchase lunch from our Fun & Games Cafe menu. Of course water will be freely available all day long–we expect our campers to work up a thirst with all that playing!

Did you say only 5 weeks of Summer Camp?

2 additional weeks have been added! Brand new for 2018, S.T.E.M. Summer Kids Camp. The 2 weeks of S.T.E.M. Camp are: July 16th-20th and August 13th-17th. This is a separate camp held on different weeks than our regular summer kids camp. The kids will spend the morning with our professional S.T.E.M. educator learning how S.T.E.M. relates to roller skating along with activities, experiments and fun! After a morning of fun and learning the kids will be free to skate and play. Everything that is included in our regular kids camp is also included in our S.T.E.M. Camp.

Send your kids to Fun America for camp and you’ll never have to hear that dreaded summer refrain: “I’m bored!” Contact us with any questions or concerns. We’d love to hear from you!

Laser Tag: Exercise of the Future

-When most people think of exercise, they also think boring. But that’s not always true! What if we told you there was a way to get exercise while having fun with family and friends in an exciting, indoor venue? At Fun America, there is: laser tag!

The key to a successful exercise plan is finding activities you enjoy. That can be tough when you’re not into running or weight lifting, but don’t give up. When you’re playing laser tag, you won’t notice how much exercise you’re getting–but you’ll definitely be getting exercise! You’ll run, dodge, jump, and duck behind obstacles. Before you know it you’ll have raised your heart rate, exercised different muscle groups, and worked up quite a sweat, all while having a blast.

What other games do you play where you are the game? Not only is laser tag good for your body, it’s a unique, immersive experience that’s mentally stimulating. Playing can help develop hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and imaginative brainstorming. It’s basically a high-tech game of hide-and-seek! It’s also painless and safer than similar games like paintball (there are no projectiles in laser tag, and the lasers we use are safe, making it great for all ages.

Get your family and friends together, strap on your safety gear, and get ready for fun: the Galactic Arena in the 22nd Century awaits you! Check out our coupons for great discounts on this and all our attractions at Fun America in Lancaster, MA.

It’s A G.N.O!!

Do you make enough time for yourself? If you’re like many women, the answer is no! It’s time to change that by making time for relaxation and socialization with friends- and that’s where Fun America can help. Our family entertainment center in Lancaster boasts a roller rink, great music with a live DJ, laser tag, arcade games, and you can even head over to the Fun & Games Cafe for a refreshment or snack!

With career or parenting (or both), it’s so easy to let self care slip by the wayside. Work-life balance is so important for mental wellness even for those who really love their workaholic lifestyle. And when it comes to parents, you’ll be a better, happier parent to your kids if you take the time to treat yourself to a night away every now and then and make it a priority to nurture your friendships. Of course, sometimes a night away is easier said than done. If you can’t get a sitter or just want to multi-task, bring your kids along to enjoy our bounce house and arcade. You can still enjoy girl time with your friends while your kids explore our facility!

Fun America is dedicated to providing our customers with a clean, fun, friendly, and safe place for family entertainment in Lancaster. Whether you bring the kids or enjoy a night of independence, we can make it fun and memorable for all involved.

Come In and Cool Down This Summer!

Can’t beat our summer deals!! Skating and playing this summer is close to free!

Purchase a Summer Blast Pass to skate ALL SUMMER LONG for only $65!! This year we threw in a perk just for you. Get a free souvenir cup with your blast pass purchase. Re-fill your cup all summer for only $1.00.

Print out a summer skating pass that allows you and 3 family members or friends to enter for only 99 cents.

Have work during the day? That’s OK!

Visit us on Wednesday nights for FREE Family Fun & Fitness!!

Did someone say FREE?? Yes FREE!

Can’t make it Wednesday nights? Don’t worry, we have other ways for your kids to skate free! Sign up at KidsSkateFree.com/FunAmerica to receive 2 free skating passes a week for your child!!

Take advantage of the savings this summer here at Fun America at Roll On America!




So Much To Do, So Much To See!

June is here! Can you believe it?! School release for the summer is just a couple weeks away! Check out what we have coming up.

Did you know KIDS CAN SKATE FREE?!!

Sign up online for the Kids Skate Free program which allows your child to receive 2 free skating admission passes a week. QUICK sign up this weekend to receive the special offer.

We have another WAY on a particular DAY to skate free…Visit us every Wednesday night for Free Family Fun & Fitness. All you have to do is grab your kids and head on over for FREE admission for everyone!

Roll On America Raises Money For A Severely Injured Employee Of 4 Years.

Clinton resident, Ryan Flaherty, got in a severe motorcycle accident on May 20th and has been in a coma since. Help him and his family by joining us on Wednesday, June 14th. SKATE FOR RYAN.

Unable to attend? Make a donation at the link below. Any amount helps.


Need plans on father’s day?

Grab your dad and join in our laser tag tournament. The first tournament we’ve held in over 5 years!! You won’t want to miss this!!

Scream and shout, SCHOOLS OUT!

Celebrate with us for a whole weekend because our Party Never Ends!! Treat your child for a great school year!

The Party Really Does Never End!!

So much fun you might just Go Bananas! Party it up with the Minions to celebrate the release of Despicable Me 3.

Let your kids party all summer long, send them to Summer Kid Camp!!

Fun America at Roll On America, “Wicked Fun For Everyone”




The Best Things in Life Are Free

Are you looking for a fun way to keep your kids active during winter, spring break, and those sweltering summer days in Lancaster? Fun America at Roll On America has the solution! Skating is a great way to teach your kids healthy values. Why? Because it’s as much fun as it is great fitness. In fact, we believe in the benefits of roller-skating so much that we’re giving it away for free!

What Is Kids Skate Free?

Have you heard of the Kids Skate Free program? It’s a national roller-skating program that encourages kids to get up and get moving. Fun America at Roll On America has been a proud partner of Kids Skate Free for years. Why do we love it so much?

  • Regular exercise teaches kids to be healthier adults
  • Skate fitness is so fun, kids won’t realize it’s good for them!
  • Active play helps reduce the risk of kids developing weight problems, heart disease, or diabetes later in life
  • Skating is also great for social development
  • Physical fitness reduces stress and helps stimulate mental growth

How to Participate

Want to get free skating coupons for your kids? It’s easy! Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to the KidsSkateFree.com/funamerica
  2. Click the green Join This Skating Center button to sign up
  3. Pay the $4.00 annual fee
  4. Get free skate passes emailed to you weekly for each child you have who is 12 or younger
  5. Print them out and bring them to one of our weekly skating sessions listed on the pass!
  6. Rent skates for $4.50+tax or bring your own and skate totally free!!

We’ll see you at Fun America at Roll On America!

5 Ways STEM Programs Benefit Kids

Education for kids should always remain interesting and fun, but that isn’t the case all the time. Most kids seem to lose an interest in STEM education. When it comes to science, technology, engineering, and math, it’s important to keep kids interested. After all, those kids will be building our future! Here at Fun America @ Roll On America, we’ve found an amazing way to keep kids interested in STEM. And it incorporates our favorite thing: roller-skating.

5 Benefits of STEM Education

  1. It teaches kids to be forward-thinking about technology.
  2. It teaches kids problem-solving skills.
  3. More and more, technology is an integral part of life that kids need to understand.
  4. Despite what some may think, STEM fields teach creativity and innovation.
  5. It gives kids confidence to make goals and take measurable steps to achieve them.

Fun America @ Roll On America offers various STEM lessons for all ages and a variety of curriculums. Choose your skating STEM lesson based on elementary, middle school, or high school curriculum, then find the lesson plan that most closely meets your current lessons. A STEM educational field trip shows students how science, technology, engineering and math integrate into their everyday lives, sometimes in ways they hadn’t considered before. A STEM field trip at includes:

  • 1 hour of S.T.E.M. education
  • 2 hours of roller skating physical fitness
  • Meal plan options

Ready for your students to get excited about learning again? To think creatively about analytical tasks and disciplines? To get engaged in their futures? Call Fun America @ Roll On America to book a STEM field trip today.


Wicked Fun For Everyone!

Literally your entire family can enjoy it.

I mean it… all of them! You might be thinking… “how on earth can my 2 year old roller skate?” OR “maybe they are forgetting that we take grandma on all our family outings.” OR maybe “what about our special needs child?” Yes we’ve thought of them too!
1- How little is too little to skate?
If your little one can walk, they can skate.
-We have skate trainers if they need extra help (basically a walker on wheels.)
-We have New EZ Roll skates, but we love to see the little ones conquer the real skates (they EZ Roll Rental Skateswill surprise you every time.)
-We also offer skating lessons every Saturday for all ages!

Super Skater 3
2- What will the baby do?
If your little one isn’t walking, they can have fun too!

– Bring them to our Tiny Tots and Little Tyke Skate & Play time while the older ones are in school!tiny-tykes-and-toddlers-2017
3- What about Grandma?
-As for Grandma, she’s welcome on the skate floor in her shoes to help her grandchildren.Zone Laser
-OR take that wheel chair right out on the skate floor!
-Or for a more hands off experience, we have FREE WIFI and a full snack bar area! (Yes, there is coffee)

4- We can meet your special needs Bounce House
-Some parents are shocked to find out that their child actually ends up loving the skate floor, even if they can barley move! Don’t let your mind restrict what your child can do, let them try it! Our skate trainers might help. If skating is out of the question, there are other options!
– Wheel chairs are always welcome on the skate floor!
– We offeRoller Racerr a bounce house (for children 6 & under), roller racers, scooters and games on socks!
– We have a full arcade on our sideline with over 25 games to choose from!

-Don’t forget to check out The Zone Laser Tag. No controllers or computers…you are the game!
The lights, smells and sounds of Fun America @ Roll On America have been known to send the mind on a wonderful journey!

Fun America @ Roll On America, Wicked Fun for Everyone!