How to buy the perfect pair of skates!

If you are a beginner or seasoned skater, finding the right pair of skates is very important! Here at Fun America at Roll on America, we support and cater to all kinds of skating needs. We know that you are an individual and want that to be reflected in the style of skate you wear. We offer a range of styles and price-points to meet your skating needs. Below we included a few of our best selling skates:

Best Selling Quads:


Riedell Dart ($99.00 + Tax)


ATA 600 ($99.00 + Tax)


GTX 500 ($67.00 + Tax)

Best Selling Blades:


Tour Thor 909 ($109.00 + Tax)


Mission Inhaler ($119.00 – $149.00 + Tax)


Tour ZT-800 Adjustable ($89.00 + Tax)

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