It’s A G.N.O!!

Do you make enough time for yourself? If you’re like many women, the answer is no! It’s time to change that by making time for relaxation and socialization with friends- and that’s where Fun America can help. Our family entertainment center in Lancaster boasts a roller rink, great music with a live DJ, laser tag, arcade games, and you can even head over to the Fun & Games Cafe for a refreshment or snack!

With career or parenting (or both), it’s so easy to let self care slip by the wayside. Work-life balance is so important for mental wellness even for those who really love their workaholic lifestyle. And when it comes to parents, you’ll be a better, happier parent to your kids if you take the time to treat yourself to a night away every now and then and make it a priority to nurture your friendships. Of course, sometimes a night away is easier said than done. If you can’t get a sitter or just want to multi-task, bring your kids along to enjoy our bounce house and arcade. You can still enjoy girl time with your friends while your kids explore our facility!

Fun America is dedicated to providing our customers with a clean, fun, friendly, and safe place for family entertainment in Lancaster. Whether you bring the kids or enjoy a night of independence, we can make it fun and memorable for all involved.

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