Join the Flash Mob! #Sk8selfie


From the Harlem Shake flash mob videos to flash mobs all over the world, it’s time to create our own! Be part of the biggest internet flash mob to take over social media! We know you’ve secretly been wanting to be a part of one of those mobs, and now you can! Fun America at Roll On America is participating in the #Sk8Selfie internet flash mob!

On February 7th we’re hosting the largest teen bash for everyone in Lancaster, MA. Teens – bring your friends and get ready to be part of the largest selfie pic internet flash mob. How to be part of the flash mob? Make sure you are logged into all your social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest and stop and snap photos all night long of the amazing time you are having. Remember to use the #Sk8Selfie hashtag! We need you to help us and hundreds of other skating rinks from across the country flood social media with #Sk8Selfie photos.

We’re looking to see you here at Fun America at Roll On America on February 7th to help us take over the internet with our flash mob. Make sure your phones are charged and have plenty of room to capture all the fun!

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