Kids Skate Free Program Sets Milestone + Enter to Win a Prize Pack

Kids Skate Free + Fun America at Roll On America

Fun America at Roll On America participates in Kids Skate Free which is a nationwide program that allows parents to sign their children 12 and under up to receive two free skating passes each week, every week of the year. The program encourages children to get stay active and fit while having a great time with their friends and family.

kids skate free 1/2 million kids

The Kids Skate Free Program was recently acquired by the Roller Skating Association International, and reached a milestone on Thursday, June 18th, with the 500,000th child being registered for the program across the nation!

Join Kids Skate Free Today To Be Entered To Win

Fun America at Roll On America currently has 10,179 registered children and is hoping to increase that number this summer. Fun America will be giving away a prize pack valued at over $200 to the 10,500th child that is registered with Kids Skate Free with Fun America as their listed rink!

How to Enter

Parents who wish to participate must do the following:

  1. Visit the Kids Skate Free website at
  2. Register your children (12 and under) by clicking the green button
  3. Fill out the appropriate information
  4. Enjoy free skating passes to Fun America at Roll on America

Once we reach 10,500 registered children, we will give a prize pack away to one lucky child! As we mentioned, this prize pack will be valued at over $200!

Don’t wait… Sign up today!


  1. This would be for my 3 years old son he love skating and he enjoys it alot

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