Know Your Skates: The different kinds of skates at Fun America at Roll On America

600How familiar are you with the various types of skates? Many people recognize the typical roller center quad skates, inline skates, and even children’s skates, but do you know what makes each type of skate special? Fun America at Roll on America is going to help you find the skate that’s right for you by exploring the options:

Quad Skates

Quad Skates are the four wheeled skates that so many of think of when we hear the phrase “roller skating center.” These skates tend to be more stable, especially for beginners, and are well adapted to the circular shape of a roller skating rink. There are different forms of quad skates, including the “high-top” or taller, lace-up recreational skate or speed skates.

Inline Skates

Inline skates are skates whose wheels are in a single line as opposed to the typical square design of the Quad Skate. Inline skates are very popular for outdoor skating and rollerblading, but can also be enjoyed indoors, as some speed skates are inline skates. Inline skates typically require a bit more balance from the user.

Speed Skates

Do you have a need, a need for…Well, you know how this goes. For the skaters who want a little more speed around the ring, speed skates are for you. Speed skates can be inline or quad skates and are typically a low cut skate. Speed skates are the base for “Jam Skates,” where the stopper on the front of the skate has been replaced with a jam plug for Jam style skating.

Kids’ Skates

Children’s skates are designed to help kids understand the general movements of skating and to build their confidence before trying quad or inline skates. These typically plastic skates strap on easily and create a way for kids to almost walk on skates as they’re learning. Kid’s skates are perfect for toddlers and other young children who are learning to skate. If you have a little one you think is ready to learn to skate, call the rink for information on our kids’ skates and skating lessons.

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