Photo Gallery

2018 Jumping Beans Costume Party!



2018 Kids Fest!!



2017 Fun!!


2016 Halloween Costume Party


2016 Kids Fest


2016 Bachelorette Party

bachelorette party


2015 Leominster Parade


2015 Step Out Walk for Diabetes


2015 Kids Fest at Wachusett Mountain


2015-2016 Tiny Tots and Little Tykes


2015 Summer Reading Kick Off at Randall Library


2015 Jurassic World Skate – Stomp The Dino Tail Game


Party With Your Pal


2015 Fall Brook Family Fun Fair and Barbecue


2015 Selfie Skate

Home School Skates


2015 Easter Sunday


2015 Cinderella Skate


2014 Columbus Day Frozen Skates


2014 MWCC Fun Run

Pizza Buffet with Olaf

Winter Vacation 2013

Birthday Parties

Minion Mania Skate

St. Anthony’s Pre-Fundraiser Visit

MWCC Fun Run

Texas Roadhouse Family Fun Night