Promote Lifelong Learning with STEM Field Trips

The end of school is just around the corner, and kids are working hard to ace exams and make it to summer break. But the thought on educators’ minds is a little different: how can I keep my students invested? We have three words for you: STEM field trip!

Teaching Kids about STEM

boy giving thumbs upWhen you look at the stats, it’s easy to get discouraged. Only 44% of high school grads are ready for college-level math, and only 36% of students are ready for college-level science. Girls, who often love math and science more than the boys in elementary school, quickly lose interest as they get older. And the problem isn’t intelligence; it’s encouragement. So what can we do to keep kids interested in science, technology, engineering, and math? Take them skating, of course!

STEM Field Trips at Roll on America

At Roll on America, we want to encourage kids who are passionate about STEM, and spark the interest of students who aren’t. Many kids lose interest in STEM fields because they can’t relate to the material. But these disciplines are an integral part of students’ favorite activities. STEM field trips at Roll on America tailor lessons to each grade level and curriculum. We partner with schools to show kids the real world applications of the lessons taught by their teachers. Our lesson plans include:

  • The science of roller-skating
  • Motion and rink design
  • Math, music, and skating
  • Acoustics and rink design
  • Engineering and lighting
  • Physical fitness (with 1 hour of physical education and 2 hours of putting the lesson into practice on the skating floor!)

After each lesson, kids will have 2 hours to laugh, play, and put their new knowledge to the test during free skate time.

Get your students excited about school again! Call Roll on America to book a STEM field trip for June and learn more about our fall availability.

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