Roller Skating, Fun For All!

23Roller skating is fun for everyone, and a great time for everyone in your family. It is great exercise, and can help develop balance as well as other skills! At Fun America at Roll On America you can bring your own skates or rent either roller skates or in-lines. There are even skates to fit toddlers and Skatemates perfect for helping beginners along!

In today’s post, we have included a few great reason why roller skating is fun for all:

Roller skating is great healthy exercise. Skating offers an effective cardiovascular workout, and builds strong muscles. It is great for endurance training. Skating is a low impact exercise that allows people with joint injuries or chronic joint problems to enjoy a fun aerobic workout.

Skating improves balance and coordination. Skating can be very helpful in learning and improving balance and coordination. It is also a great way to burn calories. Skating can actually burn almost 500 calories per hour depending on how hard you want to workout. Skating can also be mentally uplifting and relieve stress.

Skating is fun! Skating is fun for all ages, from kids to adults. Skating has been a popular indoor activity for many years. You can go alone and relieve stress, or go with friends for a fun weekend activity. It is great family entertainment for the whole family. With indoor skating ranks there is no need to let bad weather stop you and the family from having a “Family Funday“.

Get your lessons from Fun America at Roll On America. If you don’t know how to skate, it’s never too late to learn. Learning to skate can be just as much fun. There are different classes and lessons available. Your lesson will include:

  • A quad or inline rental
  • A skating session after class from 12 until 2
  • Your 30 minute lesson
  • Lessons are on Saturdays

600Two classes are available, the One Star class and the Two Star class. The One star class covers the basics for beginners and starts at 11:30am. Learn the basic skills for skating and once mastered, receive a certificate of completion. Then, move on to the 11am Two Star class. Improve the basic skills and learn forward and backward skating. Learn jumping, spinning, and other skating skills to achieve the Two Star Achievement Certificate.

Sign up today or contact Fun America at Roll On America for information. Get out and skate, learn or improve your skating skills, and just have fun!


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