Want to learn to skate? We have great options!

Do you feel like you can’t have a great time roller skating with friends at Fun America at Roll on America because you don’t know how to skate? If you reply with, “Yes” then we have a great solution for you! Here at Fun America at Roll on America in Lancaster, MA, we have Skate Mates to help you get started and Lessons to help you move from skatemates to skating on your own! This is great for parents too! Skatemates and lessons provide a safe way for kids to learn and for you to sit back and relax while they have a great time!

Lessons: Roller skating classes every Saturday morning! We are offering two different classes for beginners to learn to skate and seasonal skaters to learn new tricks. One Star classes are $6.00 per week and Two Star classes are $40.00 per month. The classes include: a 30 minute lesson, skate or rollerblade rental and open skating from 12:00 to 2:00pm.

One Star Beginner Class: This class is from 11:30am-12:00pm and introduces skaters to basic techniques: how to fall down and get up properly, starting and stopping, marching forward and backward. Upon successful mastering of these skills, the skater will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement and graduate to the Two Star Class.

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Skatemates: A Skate Mate is made of PVC plastic and has two sides at a right angle. The whole thing is on wheels so you can push it in front of you while you gain your balance and stability on your roller skates. You stand inside of the skate mate with the corner facing outwards and hold on to each side. This gives you some stability and helps you balance while you learn the technique of pushing yourself around the rink.

Can Anyone Use a Skate Mate?

Yes! Skate Mates are for any skater that feels unstable while roller skating and wants a tool to help them learn how to skate. We offer a variety of sizes to fit your height (small, medium and tall)! Skate Mates are available on a first come first serve basis for a small rental fee.

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