Why Roll on America and Fun America?

Roll on America

If you’ve looked over our website and social media pages, you may see us refer to both Roll on America and Fun America; so, which is it? While our legacy started on skates, we’re more than just a roller rink, and thought that our name should reflect that!

A Lancaster Skating Legacy

The name Roll on America is synonymous with a great roller skating experience for any Lancaster families. Our roller skating center is the perfect place for skaters in the Lancaster area to have fun with our large skating surface, great DJ’s, and even lessons for those new to skating. We welcome all ages, from those who are learning to skate as they learn to walk, all the way to our golden oldies, still skating after decades of loving a spin around the skating center. We work to keep skating fun and relevant with skate parties and more, so be sure to look for our upcoming events to help you get the most out of your time at the center.

Fun America: A new chapter

While our skating center is at the center of our hearts, we know that variety is the spice of life, and we wanted to bring that to our facility. We’ve added a Zone Laser arena for the laser tag enthusiasts as well as an arcade for the gamers, and our Fun + Game Cafe is great for refueling after a long day of skating or playing laser tag. There really is something for everyone at Fun America!

Enjoy all that we have to offer at Fun America

If you’re just here to skate, just here to enjoy the arcade or Zone Laser, or here to enjoy it all, we’re glad you’re visiting Fun America! What is your favorite thing about facility? Is there something you’d like to see more of? Tell us your thoughts in a comment.

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