Wicked Fun For Everyone!

Literally your entire family can enjoy it.

I mean it… all of them! You might be thinking… “how on earth can my 2 year old roller skate?” OR “maybe they are forgetting that we take grandma on all our family outings.” OR maybe “what about our special needs child?” Yes we’ve thought of them too!
1- How little is too little to skate?
If your little one can walk, they can skate.
-We have skate trainers if they need extra help (basically a walker on wheels.)
-We have New EZ Roll skates, but we love to see the little ones conquer the real skates (they EZ Roll Rental Skateswill surprise you every time.)
-We also offer skating lessons every Saturday for all ages!

Super Skater 3
2- What will the baby do?
If your little one isn’t walking, they can have fun too!

– Bring them to our Tiny Tots and Little Tyke Skate & Play time while the older ones are in school!tiny-tykes-and-toddlers-2017
3- What about Grandma?
-As for Grandma, she’s welcome on the skate floor in her shoes to help her grandchildren.Zone Laser
-OR take that wheel chair right out on the skate floor!
-Or for a more hands off experience, we have FREE WIFI and a full snack bar area! (Yes, there is coffee)

4- We can meet your special needs Bounce House
-Some parents are shocked to find out that their child actually ends up loving the skate floor, even if they can barley move! Don’t let your mind restrict what your child can do, let them try it! Our skate trainers might help. If skating is out of the question, there are other options!
– Wheel chairs are always welcome on the skate floor!
– We offeRoller Racerr a bounce house (for children 6 & under), roller racers, scooters and games on socks!
– We have a full arcade on our sideline with over 25 games to choose from!

-Don’t forget to check out The Zone Laser Tag. No controllers or computers…you are the game!
The lights, smells and sounds of Fun America @ Roll On America have been known to send the mind on a wonderful journey!

Fun America @ Roll On America, Wicked Fun for Everyone!

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